LoanSpace Announces General Availability of Portfolio Command Center for Commercial Lenders

NEWPORT BEACH, CA (2022) - LoanSpace, a robo-advisory managing more than $1B of commercial credit, today announced the general availability of LoanSpace's portfolio command center for commercial lenders to unify information, enhance transparency, and automate operations. Through the platform, commercial lenders and their borrowers, brokers, servicers, and bankers connect online to simplify work and grow faster.

"We at LoanSpace are amazed by how much of commercial credit remains powered by excel and manual effort." said Max Ellerhorst, President at LoanSpace. "Our progress and growth have revealed a global market opportunity for a modern command center specialized for commercial credit, and today's release unlocks this power for the entire industry to begin their transformation on-demand."

Founded in 2020 and headquartered in Newport Beach, California, LoanSpace is the modern command center for commercial credit. Learn more at